Society of the Clan MacKinnon Ltd.

Social Order

Name and registered Office of the Society

  1. The Name of the Society is Clann MhicFhionghain, Clan MacFhinghuin, Clan MacKinnon and/or Clan MacKinnon Ltd., named in the following Clan and/or Society.

  2. The registered Office of the Society is in Scotland.
    1. The Name of the registered Office may in certain circumstances be changed (Independence of Scotland) at a later date without a Vote in a general meeting.

Operation and Behavior of the Society

  1. The Society is operated by a non-profit organization.

  2. The clan acts for the Heritage of the MacKinnon Family, the MacKinnon Sept´s and their Descendants..
    1. The Names of the MacKinnon Family and their Sept´s include:
    2. MacKinnon, MacKinney, Love and Sherry, as well as their variations.
    3. The Variations of the Names may include the gaelic Language.
    4. Although a modern, less modern, ancient or gaelic Reference to the Surname is interchangeable, the Society refers to the entire Family under the Name MhicFhionghain.

  3. The Society will be continued until a lawful dissolution takes place.
    1. Assets that exist after a liquidation will be forwarded to a successor Society or legal Entity of the same objectives after payment of any existing debts or outstandings.
    2. The Recipient of the Assets is determined by a general meeting.
    3. A transfer of the Assets to the Members or an individual of the Society can not take place. Excluded is personal Property, which has been made available to the Society.

Objective and Purpose oft he Society

  1. The Society is committed to the preservation and continuation of the Clan and Family History.

  2. The Society devotes his Efforts and Activities to the…
    1. Repurchase of Clan Lands,
    2. Reconstruction and Restoration of historic Buildings owned by the Clan, as well as construction of a Visitor Center,
    3. Preservation and Promotion of cultural Goods and Activities. Which includes: Traditions; Rites; Dress; Celebrations; Games and Gatherings, as well as Support of Society Members at national and international level.
      Furthermore Promotion and Support in the sense of the general teaching assignment regarding History, Research and Genealogy of the Clan and Scotland,
    4. Cultural Exchange and Promotion of mutual Understanding and Friendship at the national and international levels of other Clans and their Societies

Form of Organization

  1. The international management of the Society is carried out by an Executive Council (Board).
    1. The term of office is two years.
    2. The Composition of the Executive Council is determined by the Members at the international level by Election.

  2. The Executive Council is composed of the following posts
    1. 1st Chairman
    2. 2nd Chairman
    3. Executive Director
    4. Treasurer
    5. Assessor
    6. 2 Cash Auditors

  3. The management of the Society at national level is proposed by the Members.
    1. The proposed Members are confirmed by the Executive Council and placed in their Appointment.
    2. Leadership at the national level consists of the following offices
      1. Historian
      2. Member Representative to the Executive Council
      3. Travel Consultant
      4. National Contact / Representative of the Society
      5. Press Officer
      6. Data Protection Officer
      7. Membership Managment
      8. Equipment Manager
    3. As a national Contact Person or Representative, olny the one who is a Full Member can be appointed.
    4. At the national level, offices should, as far as possible, be divided among several persons.
    5. At national level, additional Appointments may be done, which must be communicated to the Executive Board. Additional Appointments may be:
      Photographer, Logistician, Tailor, Regional Representative,…
      1. These additional offices may be accompanied by members who have not yet received full member status.

Representatives and their tasks


    1. Management of the Society
    2. Represent the Society externally towards third parties.

Deputy Chairman/Chairwoman

    1. Organization within the High Council
    2. Organization of board meetings
      1. Organization of Votes and
      2. Documentation of decisions.
    3. Operation/Management of Facebook Sites and Groups at supraregional and international level.
    4. Development/Creation of a a Website in cooperation with a web-administrator.
    5. Determination of Procedures within the Society.
    6. Management of a member database.
    7. Managment of the communication channels. Belong to these
      1. Communication channels of members and candidates at the international level.
      2. Communication channels of the High Council.
      3. Communication channels for applications and votes at national and international level.
    8. Management of groups of countries without  representatives until their establishment.
    9. Representation can be determined for individual tasks.

Chief Executive

    1. Representation of the Chairman at international level.
    2. Administration/Organization of Events at international level.
    3. Administration and coordination of a financial account of the Society.
    4. Administration an coordination of payment entries and exits in cooperation with the representatives and Member administration.
      1. Membership fees
      2. First-time contributions of new Members/Candidates
      3. Maintenance/Costs of administration and representation (for examble fees for internet presence)
    5. Organization of an overall report to the general meeting.
    6. Individual tasks, such as Cash management can be delegated.


    1. Representation of the High Council at the national level of the respective country.
    2. Maintaining, preserving and spreading the traditions of the Clan, as well as the scottish Clan Culture.
    3. “Enroll” new members
      1. Introduction of new members in the History, Traditions and Culture of the Clan, as well as Scotland in general.
    4. Build a network and connect with other Clans and/or bearers of celtic Culture.
    5. Support and cooperation with representatives of other countries as far as possible.
    6. Participation in the commemoration ceremony of the Battle of Culloden.
      1. Organization of a nationwide annual meeting during the period of the commemoration.
    7. Management of a fund at the national level.
    8. Preparation of an annual report. This includes
      1. Activity Report
      2. Cash Report
    9. The reporting year begins at April 1. and ends on March 31.
    10. For individual tasks the representative can appoint Deputies.

Regional Representavies

    1. A regional representative may be a candidate or a full member and is appointed by the representative.
    2. Organization of local events in cooperation with the representative. This includes
      1. Puplic Events with visitor traffic.
      2. Organization/Preparation of common activities of the Clan in its respective region.
    3. Support the representative at national events.
    4. Press work in consultation with the national representative
    5. “Enroll” new members.


  1. Any descendant with the Surname MacKinnon, including the name variations, or Family relationships to the Surname bearing persons may apply for membership, regardless of their political, religious and sexual orientation, provided that they comply with the applicable societal norms.
    1. The family relationships include:
      Marriage, Adoption and Ancestry with the name MacKinnon, or its name variations.
    2. Likewise, the membership can apply for, who
      1. Decides to become a Member of Clan MacKinnon,
      2. Feels attached to Clan MacKinnon,
      3. Shares the Values ​​and Purpose of Clan MacKinnon

  2. Each Member starts as a Candidate
    1. The Candidacy is 1 year, in which the Candidate can “prove” and get to know both parties (Candidates/Members).
      1. In countries with an active group of the Clan, the candidacy begins with application/registration of the candidate, payment of the membership fee for the current calendar year, as well as the applicant´s personal presentation at an event or meeting with at least 2/3 of the national full members, followed by a vote of the full members.
      2. In countries without an active group of the Clan, the candidacy begins with application/registration of the candidate, as well as payment of the membership fee for the current calendar year. In this case, the High Council decides on admission as a candidate.
    2. The Candidacy can be extended for 6 months.
    3. Upon expiration of the Candidacy, the Members determine the nomination as a full member of the candidate.
      In case of a positive desision, the official admission as full member in a cermony takes place at the national leve. From this time, the candidate is a full member.
    4. A right to appointment as a full member does not exist.
    5. For the duration of the Candidacy, the Candidate chooses an experienced Member as Godparent, who teaches him the basics of Clan History, scottish History, as well as the unwritten Laws and Rules of conduct.
    6. A full member who has not previously acted as a Godfather must offer/apply or be proposed for,to Leadership at the national Level.
      The full members vote on their suitability as godparents.

  3. The Membership fee is £ 25 British Pounds per Year and Family.
    1. A Family is a
      1. Married Couple (with children under 18 years),
      2. Communities (with children under 18 years),
      3. Same-sex Couples/Communities (with children under 18 years),
      4. Single parents with children under 18 years,
    2. The Membership Fee is until 30.3. of the current calendar year. For a new Application, the payment period is 3 weeks from the date of the vote for admission as a candidate by the full members.An extension of time due to surprising circumstances may be granted at the Request of the Member.
  4. Membership and Participation in several Clan Organizations and/or Clan Societies, e.g. by Kinship, is possible if the Purpose and Opinions do not contradict each other.

  5. The membership can be terminated as follows…
    1. Active termination of Membership by the Member,
    2. Not paying the contribution due date (see Clause 3.2),
    3. Exclusion of the Member by the Executive Council by a 2/3 majority. Reasons for an Exclusion can be
      1. Clan and/or Society Harmful Behavior,
      2. Provide private Gains through the Clan and/or Society,
      3. Enrichment by Assets and/or Property of the Clan and/or Society


  1. Upon appointment as a Full Member, the Candidate receives the right to wear and carry the protected Colors (Tartan) and Symbols of the MacKinnon.
    1. Among the Colors/Tartan MacKinnons include
      1. MacKinnon Red ancient
      2. MacKinnon Red modern
      3. MacKinnon Hunting ancient, also called german Hunting ancient
      4. MacKinnon Hunting modern

  2. There is no Tartan Duty for the Member. This means that other Colors/Patterns (Tartan) can be worn. These can be…
    1. Regional and/or Organizational Tartan, e.g. Na Fir Dìleas, Duncarron, Clanranald,…
    2. Family Membership
    3. Symbolic and/or ideal Values

Change and Validity of the Bylaw

  1. The Articles of the Bylaw shall be Valid if approved in majority by the Executive Council, unless a derogation exists (see Name an Office, Clause 2.1)

  2. Each Member has the right to make suggestions for Changes.
    1. The proposed amendment must be submitted in writing to an Official.
    2. A proposal for amendment will be voted on at an annual general meeting.
    3. An amendment of the Bylaw, which has been voted on in a general meeting, will be valid after approval by the Executive Council. (see Clause 1)
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