An sgeulachd againn

Our Story

The Clan MacKinnon Society

On December 22, 1891, 25 people met in the Waterloo Premises in Glasgow, Scotland, to found the Clan MacKinnon Society.
Here, the Rules have already been discussed and how they should act. These included the promotion of Clan Life, social Interaction and Support of Members, educational Support, collection and preservation of Records and not least the preservation and promotion of celtic Traditions, as well as their Literature and (Highland) Art.

After initial Concerns about the Clan Leadership finally William Alexander MacKinnon, whose Father was already recognized in 1811 by the Court of Lord Lyon as Chief, appointed the new Chief of the Clan MacKinnon. Although the Society grew rapidly in the beginning, in the 1960s Membership declined and in 1975 it was forced to dissolve.
Meanwhile, Joanne Osbourne and her Brother Clinton endeavored to establish a new Society in the United States, to which they were given permission after Neil MacKinnon’s then-chief doubt prevailed. By 1980, the Clan MacKinnon Society North America was established and eventually opened up internationally, so until 2017 there were Representations in 11 Countries with a total of 335 Members.

The Clan MacKinnon Ltd.

After initially good Cooperation between the Countries, especially within Europe, the first Problems began at the international Level.
The interests in preserving and disseminating scottish-celtic Culture and History were sometimes very different. Furthermore, there were Signs of Errors in the Clan History adopted to date. Especially in Scotland, the first Resistance arose and it was discussed how to protect the Interests of the Clan MacKinnon and his History.

It was agreed to found a Clan MacKinnon Ltd. as part of the also new founded Society House of Alpin, based in Scotland, whereby the Clan can be brought back to his ancestral Home.
For this purpose, the Objectives and Composition of the LTD were discussed at a Founding Meeting in April 2019 and the first future Representatives were raised in their Offices.

Aims of the Clan MacKinnon LTD

The Aim of Clan MacKinnon LTD was to preserve, disseminate and promote, in particular, the History and Traditions of Clan MacKinnon. Furthermore, they would like to promote the cultural Exchange of all representations of the Clan MacKinnon and the Clans from House Alpin and, in cooperation with them, preserve and spread the scottish-celtic Culture.
Also, they would like to promote the cultural and knowledge Exchange among the Members.

Further purposes was

  • Repurchase of the original Clan Land
  • Construction of a Visitor Center
  • Exchange Programs at international Level
  • Preservation and Restoration of Clan Art
  • Support and Promote scottish Independence

The Clan MacKinnon – Germany registered association

After the establishment of Clan MacKinnon LTD, differences in the legal system and official business between the countries became apparent, which meant that it was not possible to act effectively as a LTD. Ultimately, the bureaucratic hurdles were too big.

When the corona pandemic had the world firmly under control in 2020, people took the time to think about how things could go on.
The decision was made to reorganize into a registered association and the preparations began. At the beginning of 2021 the time had come and the Clan Mackinno – Germany eV was born. Even if there is now a new name, the common goals have remained the same … Preservation and dissemination of Scottish history and culture, friendly cooperation with other clans and societies and, above all, the preservation of the living clan family.

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