Current situation

The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic is changing our lives immensely and everyone is wondering how it will go and when everything will normalize again.Due to the regulations of the state governments, we were forced to cancel all appointments until further notice and look hopefully into the future. But there is also good news.In the past few […]

New Representative

Representative for France We are pleased to welcome Ross Harris MacLeod as representative for France. As a result, we will soon be able to offer this websie in French. We are particularly pleased that this is also a sign of mutual respect and future friendship between MacKinnon and MacLeod.Audentes Fortuna Juvat and Hold Fast.


New Society At a meeting of Clan representatives in Scotland, it was discussed how to improve the preservation and promotion of the history and tradition of Clan MacKinnon and the Scottish Celtic culture in general. It was agreed to found a Ltd. based in Scotland and the resulting spin-off of the US clan MacKinnon Society. […]

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